Termites are common throughout Florida because of the warm humid climate and plentiful supply of fresh wood and wood-based products. There are several different species of termites, and some are capable of destroying a structure quicker than others. The first and most important task is to determine if there actually are termites in your home.

Where To Find Termites

One of the telltale signs of termites is dirt tubes. You may notice these along the outer edge of a home where it meets pavement or dirt. Termites create these and dirt tunnels to get into the foundation and walls. If you see a swarm of termites or a stray termite here and there, this is a sign that there are more nearby. You may also see piles of shed wings in areas of your home with little foot traffic. Try knocking on walls and wood beams in your home and garage. If they sound hollow where they should sound sturdy, this could be a sign that the termites are feasting behind them. Some people also notice the appearance of gnawed wood along eaves, in garages, in basements and in attics.

How Termites Damage Your Home

A single colony of termites can quickly grow into an infestation with thousands of members. With some of the more destructive and fast-growing types, your infestation can double or triple within a matter of weeks. Termites can destroy the wood beams behind your walls, in your garage and on your foundation. This causes thousands of dollars in damage. They can also ruin eaves, furniture, curtains, wallpaper and any other paper products.

Why You Need Professional Termite Control

Since these wood-chewing pests multiply so fast and cause so much destruction, you need a professional to remove them. Many people make the mistake of using DIY methods of termite removal. These methods that are commonly found online often employ chemicals that harm you, your children or your pets. Also, DIY removal attempts may only make the termites move to a harder-to-reach area. While you may think that they are gone, they could be building an even larger colony and still destroying your home.

At Service First, we take pride in using effective and eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our professionals are trained to find every area where termites hide and remove them without harming your family members and pets. In addition to this, we also offer termite prevention plans. We treat your home at a frequency that matches your needs. Our prevention plans save homeowners thousands of dollars by protecting them from future infestations and the resulting damages.

If you suspect a termite infestation, do not delay in calling us. Every day that it goes untreated means more money in damages. Please call us for a free estimate and a prompt inspection. We serve Tampa, Brandon, Saint Petersburg, Lakeland, Clearwater and the surrounding areas. Please see our services page for more information.