Located in Plant City, FL, Service First Termite and Pest Prevention is the area’s leading authority in pest control. We proudly serve Hillsborough, Polk, Pinellas, and Pasco counties. Our professionally trained technicians promise to put your troubles to rest. We offer general pest control services (residential and commercial). While this is a great area to live, its humid weather and above-average rainfall create the perfect environment for certain pests. Getting your property inspected and treated by our professionals will definitely give you an extra peace of mind.

Residential Pest Control

Pests can certainly make your home life a lot less enjoyable. The necessary preventive measures need to be taken to protect you and your family. While there are a number of pests in the local area, none cause more property damage than termites. Because these wood-devouring insects tend to have such a large colony, serious destruction can occur within a matter of weeks. Our termite prevention and treatment specialists will go the extra mile to protect your home.

Rodent control is just as important. Mice and rats have been known to terrorize local residents. After rodents gain access to a dwelling, the problems will quickly start to pile up. Aside from their disgusting droppings and musty odor, rodents can trigger a devastating house fire by chewing through electrical wiring. During the spring, bees and wasps may become an issue. You definitely don’t want your loved ones to get stung.

Like insects and rodents, wildlife can cause trouble for homeowners. Although animals like squirrels and raccoons may look cute, they can quickly become a pain in the neck. Aside from property damage, you also need to be concerned about rabies. Family pets are especially at risk of getting bitten by a rabid animal. Because wildlife can become dangerous when threatened, the best approach is to allow Service First Termite & Pest Prevention to handle small animal relocation.

Commercial Pest Control

Don’t allow pests to ruin the success of your business. Having your property treated on a regular basis is of great importance. Because food is such a big attraction for pests, restaurants are always at risk. Even a small bug problem could permanently stain the restaurant’s reputation. After the news of your pest issues starts to spread, it won’t be long before customers start to turn away.

Hotels should be just as worried about experiencing a pest infestation. Upon being awakened in the middle of the night by bedbugs, guests will never again want to stay at your hotel. After being labeled as a “roach motel”, it’ll be hard to recover. The financial loss will be immediately evident. Supermarkets, manufacturing plants, retail stores, schools, and other businesses also need to take a stand against pests.

Pests We Serve

We serve a number of homes and businesses to help make sure their location is pest-free. Service First Termite and Pest Prevention offers a number of services such as bee control, mosquito control, flea and tick services, bat exclusions, and many others, as well as the following:

You can always count on Service First Termite & Pest Prevention to solve your pest issues. Our professional pest control technicians will enable you to rest a bit easier. Contact us for a free quote on service.