Due to a warm, wet, and humid climate, mosquitoes view Florida as the perfect habitat for raising their offspring. Consequently, Florida residents and business owners recognize the potential dangers attributed to mosquitoes living on their properties.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live?

A person who wonders about where do mosquitoes live can find the answer by visiting swamps, ditches, rivers, lakes, swimming pools and foliage. Mosquitoes may even feel quite at home in a dog’s favorite water bowl.

Whether they are native pests or unwelcome visitors from foreign countries, mosquitoes in Florida can cause various diseases in humans and pets, including the West Nile virus, Dengue fever, the Zika virus and St. Louis encephalitis.

Warmer temperatures invite people to wear shorts, sleeveless shirts and sandals. Mosquitoes entertain themselves by biting people who do not wear protective clothing.

Mosquito Treatments

A Floridian can learn how to prevent mosquitoes by taking advantage of an in2Care Mosquito Trap as one of the available mosquito treatment options. An in2Care Mosquito Trap destroys mosquitoes without harming humans, cats or dogs.

Trapping mosquitoes living within close range provides one benefit. Another advantage is that the trap also catches larvae before they turn into nettlesome adult mosquitoes.

Furthermore, the in2Care Mosquito Trap only uses green, eco-friendly ingredients. A person does not need to have any health concerns when they use a 2Care Mosquito Trap.

Mosquito Lawn Spraying and Fogging

Sprays and mosquito foggers offer additional mosquito treatment options. Pesticides and larvicides target various areas located in a given property, such as the property’s general perimeter, gardens, ditches and other hiding places.

Using larvicides near lakes and streams helps to limit the mosquito population by killing larvae. Mosquito control measures involving larvicides provide a common-sense approach for destroying larvae as they mature into adults.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Reproducing

It is an understatement to mention that mosquitoes are attracted to water. Homeowners must take special precautions to eliminate excess water from water-containing vessels left inside or outside their homes. Pet owners should empty water bowls left in kitchens or on patios. Parents ought to pour out the water from plastic swimming pools daily.

When thinking about where mosquitoes live, additional mosquito treatment options include cleaning out rain gutters and draining flower pots containing excessive amounts of water. Another mosquito control method involves changing the water in bird baths at least once a week.

Areas containing stagnant water are often breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Homeowners can prevent infestations by irrigating their gardens. An additional preventative measure involves flushing water troughs used by livestock.

Business owners should also look for potential mosquito breeding grounds. Some business owners may decide to take control of their pest problems without any outside assistance. Others may find it easier to consult with a professional pest prevention service.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes from Taking Control of a Property

Living and working in Florida presents challenges to people who feel threatened by a large mosquito population. Homeowners and business owners may wish to consult with professionals at Service First Termite & Pest for the right solutions.

Floridians who want to know how to prevent and control mosquitoes should contact Service First Termite & Pest to discover practical and professional alternatives for solving their pest problems. Find the perfect solution to mosquito control by calling for a free quote on service.