Florida is a popular destination thanks to its warm climate and sunny beaches. However, small cities in this state can also be a great place to call home. Such is the case with Plant City. Located in Hillsborough County, Plant City has more than 30,000 residents. This is enough to provide bustling commerce without any of the pitfalls of big city living. Thanks to its tropical climate, Plant City is known for its winter strawberries. However, the tropical climate also makes Plant City very homey for pests. For this reason, residents and business owners need to know about pest control services in Plant City.

Residential Pest Control

No one likes the idea of sharing their home with unwanted pests. In some cases, homeowners may actually see the problematic pests out and about. In other cases, there may simply be other evidence of an infestation. This can include droppings, openings in the walls and floors, bad smells and more. During a residential pest control consultation, a trained pest professional will look at key areas of your home. These areas are the most likely places for an infestation. The pest control specialist should also check for signs of moisture or other damage, which can sometimes lead to infestations. Residential pest control should also look carefully at the yard for a full picture of any pest problem. Once these areas are checked, problems will be delineated and a plan will be created to get rid of the pests.

Commercial Pest Control

During commercial pest control service, the process starts off in a similar fashion. First, a pest control professional will carefully examine the building for any signs of unwanted pests. Unlike homeowners, who may only call for pest services when a problem is detected, commercial owners should consider pest control as a preventative measure. This is especially true in the food service industry. For a business, a pest infestation is not merely an inconvenience. Instead, it can put you out of business. Many pest control companies offer routine pest maintenance in order to serve the needs of commercial clients.

Specific Pest Concerns

While there are many pests that can be problematic, the most common pests in Plant City include the following:

Pest Control Experts in Plant City

No matter what type of pest problem you have, there is one solution you can trust in Plant City. Service First Termite and Pest Prevention offers comprehensive, professional service for both residential and commercial clients. To learn more about Service First Termite and Pest Prevention and how we can help you, please contact us. Free service quotes are available upon request.