Dunedin is a comfortable resting place for many, providing residents and visitors with beautiful, temperate weather year-round. Unfortunately, however, pests like mosquitoes thrive in this weather. Other pests try to avoid the warmer temperatures, finding refuge in homes and businesses. This can disrupt families and businesses. Fortunately, Service First Termite and Pest Prevention can help, using our years of experience in pest control.

At Service First Termite and Pest Prevention, we offer both residential and commercial pest control. We also handle a wide range of pests, using safe and effective methods for removal, so you can be sure that when they are gone, they are gone for good.

Dunedin Pest Control

If your home is faced with annoying or dangerous pests, we are here to help. Pests present several hazards to the home, like termites damaging your property or bees threatening your family members. We strive to provide you and your family the comfort you deserve in your home, handling general pests, bed bugs and more. Your home is your safe place. We are here to keep it that way, removing any intruders so that you can enjoy peace of mind. We prioritize your family’s safety every step of the process.

Pests We Service:

Commercial Pest Control

Having pests around your commercial property can be stressful. Pests can negatively affect your business, making potential clients uncomfortable, harming merchandise and even damaging property. At Service First Termite and Pest Prevention, we are also trusted with assisting businesses in removing rodents and pests. You and your business should not have to tolerate the stress that comes with an infestation. We will come out for a comprehensive inspection and determine an appropriate plan to handle your issue.

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At Service First Termite and Pest Prevention, we use environmentally-friendly methods to remove pests and rodents, so you never have to worry about the after-effects of our services. If you have any questions about any of our services or processes, we want to hear them. Our certified technicians are ready to assist you so you know what to expect and are involved in the whole process.

For reliable and effective Dunedin pest control, contact Service First Termite and Pest Prevention. Our staff is honest and experienced, providing you with award-winning service so you can leave the stress of pests behind. Get a free quote by contacting our team online or giving us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!