The Dreaded Mosquito

School is starting and summer may be coming to end, but here in Florida the hot, humid weather is still going to be with us for a few more months. While we will still be enjoying barbeques and trips to the beach, so will the annoying mosquito! Mosquitoes bite us to get the protein in our blood to help nourish their eggs, so females are the only ones who bite. These bites are often itchy but have you ever wondered why?

Where the Itching Comes From

When a mosquito bites, it takes the proteins from our blood but also injects some of its saliva into our body. The saliva contains proteins that triggers the human body’s immune system which releases histamine. Histamine allows white cells to enter the affected area. as well as, send a signal to the nerves around the bite. This signal causes the bite to itch. If mosquito bites are no longer itchy for you, your body has built up a tolerance to the mosquito’s proteins that it injects.

Why Mosquito Bites Can Be Dangerous

Mosquito bites hopefully just cause an itch, but sometimes they can carry disease. Diseases can include Zika and Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) and can be transmitted through a simple mosquito bite. EEE is being found in chickens in Orange County, FL which the CDC says can transmit to humans through mosquito bites. There have only been 7 cases of EEE in humans this year, but you can never be too cautious when venturing outside.

To help prevent mosquito bites, check at your home for any standing water and holes in screening where they can get in. While Mosquitoes can bite anytime, they tend to be more active at dusk. It is a good idea to wear long sleeves and pants and apply insect repellent to avoid the dreaded attack. If you would like help in controlling mosquitoes or any other pest issues, check out our services.