Termite Awareness Week

This week, March 12 to the 18th is Termite Awareness Week. While this week will help to shed more light on the subject, it is important for all homeowners to be aware of termites no matter what time of the year it is. At any given time, there may be termites silently eating at the wood in your home without you even knowing they are there! Because termites can cause extensive damage to home in a short matter of time, it is vital to be proactive and be alert to any signs that you may have termites and to eliminate activity as well as prevent future infestations. 

In Florida, there are several species of termites, but the most common are Drywood and Subterranean. Drywood termites live and consume wood within the home, and Subterranean termites build tunnel systems outdoors that can access areas of your home underground. 

Below are some tips to help you be on the lookout for these dreaded and destructive pests in your home. 

  • Visual sighting of live termites around doors or windows. It is also common to see piles of wings or dead termites throughout your home.
  • Signs of termite droppings, which are also referred to as frass. These tiny pellets are mostly found at or near the entry of the termites. These piles resemble coffee grounds or sawdust.
  • Signs of paint on surfaces that crack or bubble.
  • On the outside, look for any tube-like structures that are brown, dry, and roughly the width of a pencil.
  • Sagging floors or walls/wood that feels hallow. If you suspect termites, it is a good idea to tap on floors or wood to help identify the hollowness. 

It is important to keep in mind that even if you don’t see signs of termites, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. It is a good idea to contact a termite professional who can do an inspection to determine your situation. Being proactive against termites will provide piece of mind as well as protecting your most important investment, your home!

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