Bees and Wasps of Florida

Bees and wasps  are common in all parts of Florida. Of the 4,000 species of bees that are native to North America, there are about 320 species that are native to Florida. Even more amazing is that 29 of those species are only found in Florida, and nowhere else!

While both bees and wasps have an important place in the Florida ecosystem, their painful stings and nests around homes can make them a not only a nuisance, but for those allergic it could be deadly.  Identifying and understanding the different species is vital.  Some species are harmless pollinators, while others will aggressively defend their territory.

Florida homeowners tend to notice activity starting in the Spring.  Bees, wasps and hornets tend to become more aggressive during the warmer months. They are actively foraging for food and can be more noticeable. These infestations can be dangerous,  Contact a professional  if you are experiencing an infestation so it can be properly identified and addressed.